Self Defense Program
Self Defense Program

Self Defense for Women
According to the FBI:
85% of Domestic Violence is directed against women. They have also reported that Women are the victim of over 96,000 forcible and attempted rapes per year.

Self Defense Program

Self Defense Programs
Be Prepared

Authorization & Certification Clinics available for instructors.

Eye Fight Back - A Self Defense Program that has been developed to offer protection opportunities for all ages. Self Defense Program for Women, Youth Workshops, Family Courses, Senior Programs, and Corporate Staff Development Sessions can customized to fit your group or individual needs.
Authorization & Certification Clinics available for instructors.

Our Self Defense Program combines techniques utitlized in:
  • Military Training Systems
  • Law Enforcement S.D. Procedures
  • U.S.A Boxing Techniques
Benefits of the Eye Fight Back Self Defense Program:
  • Family, women, youth, seniors, & Corporate self protection
  • Physical fitness increased
  • Provides stress reduction and assists in mental health treatment
  • Builds Confidence
"Dear Officer Oswald: Staff response to your training was very positive. You enlightened them with some easy yet beneficial ways in which a person could defend themselves,
or if a perpetrator could be disuaded, stunned, or deterred long enough so that they could escape." Genesee County FIA, Special Projects

Rear Choke Hold
Head Lock Maneuver
Knife Attack Repulsion

Curriculum and Program Highlights

Vehicle Safety Program Highlights
Program will educate participants on the following topics:
  • Parking in lighted areas
  • Non obstructed view
  • Lock doors
  • Carry your cell phone or CB
  • Keep keys in hand
  • Be aware of surroundings
  • Carry a flash light, whistle, & pepper spray
  • Avoiding a car jacking
  • Safely handle a disabled vehicle.

Assailant Contact
Program will educate participants on the following topics:
  • Eye contact, smile, say something peculiar, take a non threatening stance, escape, hail assitance, acknowledge sixth sense

Home Security
Program will educate participants on the following topics:
  • Never answer the door alone
  • Announce your companion in your home
  • Direct visitor to observable location
  • State to person that you are calling 911 with your cell phone
  • Ready children for crisis situation
  • Prepare self defense devices
  • Use of lethal force may be necessary

Social Issues
Program will educate participants on the following topics:
  • Date Rape Drugs
  • Domestic Violence
  • Personal protection orders
  • Assistance Groups

Program will educate participants on the following topics:
  • Finger to pain points of ear, nose, side of neck, slap both ears with palms
  • One hand wrist grab/release over thumb
  • Two hand grab / release with fist pulled up through arms
  • Rear Choke / raise arm, twist to break grip and wrap up arms, attack eye!
  • Bear Hub / step to side, reach to groin, use back of head
  • Headlock / step up to side, strike groin, pull hair
  • Rear Arm Choke / tuck chin, bite, reach eyes & groin
  • Combat Stance / protect vitals, strong side back, same side defense deflections
  • Knee Strikes / groin, tail bone, thigh - knee
  • Kicks / shin, calf, groin
  • Knife / gun attack
  • Safety Zone / sacrifice hand, same side defense, grab knife / gun,
Remember, that with each of these tactics - you would be trained to retaliate to eyes, never give up!
Empower Yourself Today!
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